You have a specific health issue.


You want to improve your health.


Pick up, clean up, it’s all up to you!


When I was asked to write an article on “Spring Cleaning”, this little ditty from my childhood popped into my head. (I think I just aged myself!) I’ve been digging into the archives of my brain trying to figure out where the phrase comes from.

Any insights?

Regardless of its origin, the line essentially captures the message that I’d like to send out to all of my patients and readers of this newsletter: IMPROVING YOUR HEALTH IS UP TO YOU. I see hundreds of patients in my office every month and provide them with an individualized health plan to address their health concerns.  I have many different modalities to help my patients, from rebuilding the basics of health by improving diet and lifestyle recommendations to complex testing, clinical nutrition and the use of botanical and nutrient based supplements. But, my job is the easy part.  Once my patients leave my office with their health plan, it’s up to them to make the changes that are necessary for them to start feeling better.

To get my patients started, I often recommend doing a cleanse or detox of some kind to start out their health plan.  This clears out the superficial toxins that have accumulated in their system.  These toxins can seriously impair many of the body’s functions. Doing a cleanse is like changing the oil in your car (my husband relates well to this analogy!). We should do this every 15000 kms or 6 months because we know that our car will run better and last longer if we do.  Our bodies work on the same principal.  If we get rid of some of the toxins that we are accumulating from our food and our environment, we feel better and will not experience the effects of aging as much.

Once we get the superficial toxins cleaned up, we can start working on the real health issues the patient is facing. Using the different modalities I have to offer, I put together a health plan for my patients. Although often my patients see immediate results, it can take several months for us to see the full impact of the changes I prescribe to my patients. This is because we are dealing with the deep underlying imbalances that are the cause of the health issues.  As most of these issues didn’t appear overnight, they take time to resolve.

Patients who succeed with this approach to their health find that it provides them with long lasting solutions to their health issues. The secret is sticking to the plan and persisting long enough for it to work. As I said before, my job is easy, it’s really up to the patient to decide to follow the plan and get better.

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