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I took my son to see Dr. Cooper for his eczema. Before Dr. Cooper, I had seen 4 doctors and 3 naturopaths. Dr. Cooper took excellent care of my son. It took a few months but my son’s eczema has cleared up and he is so much better. Our family was so happy with Dr. Cooper that both my husband and I became patients as well. We are feeling better than we have in years and I have recommended her to all my friends! Thank you Dr. Cooper.



Having not felt healthy for some six months, I visited Dr. Cooper in search of a solution to the general malaise and increased migraines I was experiencing. She took an holistic and individual approach to my overall health and suggested some practical nutritional and life-style adjustments. I followed her recommendations and just four weeks later I felt incredibly well, energized and on track to a much healthier life. The herbal de-tox she prescribed left me feeling dramatically better and, having suffered 2-3 migraine headaches per week, I have been migraine free since modifying my diet. I feel better than I have for a very long time and can not thank Dr. Cooper enough.



I appreciate that my perspectives, concerns, awarenesses are given consideration in the conversation about my health and wellness.

Conversation with Dr. Cooper is easy to have and at the conclusion of my appointments I am left with the sense that I’ve not only been given the space to actively participate in my wellness endeavors but that Dr. Cooper wouldn’t have it any other way.

That in and of itself is empowering in the effort to get/be/remain healthy and well.



I had suffered from incredibly low energy for years before meeting Dr. Cheryl. I could sleep 10 hours at night and still need a nap in the afternoon to get through the day while at the same time eating 3500 calories of the healthiest food I could find every single day! Other symptoms of my ailment included impaired cognitive function, severe vertigo and huge swings in my weight (up and down).

I saw many doctors, naturopaths and other health professionals before coming to Vitallife begging for help. Dr. Cheryl prescribed a number of tests including Food Sensitivity which determined that the ‘healthy’ food I had been eating was the root of the problem. After making some (drastic) dietary changes I saw my metabolism stabilize and my energy rise back to where it should be.



From the day J was born, I repeatedly asked his paediatrician; “Why is his stomach so bloated and why is he chronically congested?” A lactose intolerance test proved negative. A nasal steroid prescription helped, but was not a long term solution. At the age of 5, one visit to Dr. Cooper, and one food intolerance test later, we had the answers we needed. J’s healthy diet which included gluten, dairy products and variety of fruits and vegetables was difficult for him to digest. Dr. Cooper suggested we make changes. “What will he eat?” we wondered. We found substitutes and soon after changing his diet, saw results. J’s stomach went down, his nose cleared up and his energy level went up too! Thanks Cheryl!

–Name withheld by request


I’m loving this. I feel amazing. Day two [of my detox] I felt like I had lots of energy. Day three I felt unbelievable. I didn’t think it could get better after that but I’ve continued to gain energy and clarity. I seriously haven’t felt this great in years and years.

I didn’t realize how much of a mental cloud I was in all the time. My mornings at work at exponentially more productive and so are my evenings at home. Afternoons have always been fairly productive but the pace remains steady.

I am sleeping well still, haven’t been sleeping quite as much now as I was before, back to around 8 hours a night and it’s suiting me fine.

Also, I haven’t lost weight as per my scale however I am definitely smaller – more defined around my ribs/chest and areas around my hips, belly, thighs are all tighter. I don’t feel bloated, I felt great.

So. THANK YOU. I didn’t think this would work so well. I had great expectations and I was optimistic but I really didn’t think I could feel this good.

Again, thank you.



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