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Life is a Journey

My life these past few years has presented me with many challenges including the loss of both my parents and my 96 year old grandmother within 2 years, a move away from my wonderful family and friends in Ottawa to my old stomping grounds in Alberta where I grew up, and many changes in my life, business and my practice.

Living in the gorgeous Rocky Mountain Village of Canmore, Alberta definitely has it’s upside. Every morning I wake up and am grateful to live in such a beautiful place. From my window I look out at the Three Sister’s mountain range and am reminded of how fortunate I am to be one of three sisters (and 2 brothers), and the mother of 3 beautiful daughters.

With the challenges of life, there comes a wisdom that we learn to keep calm and carry on. This has been my biggest lesson these past few years. I have come to realize that we are here to learn from our experiences, grow beyond our own confines, and love those we are blessed enough to encounter in our lives as they are there to help us on our path to realization.

While I’m still far from reaching enlightenment, I have found a sense of deep inner peace that allows me to be a better person and Naturopathic Doctor. I have come to understand that true healing starts from within. That is why I am now offering 2 amazing new online programs:

4 Weeks to Improved Health, Happiness and Self-Love

Our next program starts on Monday, October 23rd at 8:00 pm ET (Ottawa/New York), 6:00 pm MT (Calgary/Denver), 5:00 pm PT (Vancouver/San diego) and 11:00 am AEDT the next day (Sydney).

Together we will clear toxins from your body, mind and spirit and make you feel renewed.

Week 1

We begin the journey by eliminating toxins from your body and start introducing elements of freeing your mind and spirit from toxic influences.

Week 2

The journey continues with overall physical detoxification, adding extra elements to support ongoing daily detoxification strategies and introducing more elements for releasing toxins that affect your mental and emotional health.

Week 3

Our journey here shifts the focus towards clearing mental toxins from your life. If necessary, we will continue working on removing the next level of physical toxins (yeast, parasites, heavy metals) from your system. I will introduce some new resources for removing spiritual toxins from your life as well.

Week 4

This part of your journey will focus on finding spiritual peace and unconditional happiness. The goal in the last week is to ensure your mind, body and spirit are healthier and more balanced.

For more information on this program, go to the website at www.detoxifyyourlife.ca, contact me by email at dr.cheryl@vitalmed.ca or call me at 1-844-418-4825.

This program is for executives that are going through a burnout and need support to get through it faster and to prevent it from happening again.

Having been there myself, I understand what it’s like to go through. It’s like hitting a wall and suddenly everything in your life is falling apart. You feel like a mess, physically, mentally and emotionally. You aren’t sleeping, you don’t have any energy to perform everyday tasks that previously you didn’t even think about, getting out of bed in the morning becomes a huge accomplishment. You may also be On the mental side, you feel like you’re losing it. You can’t remember things, your head feels foggy, you could cry at the drop of a pin, either that or you are impatient or angry  with everyone around you. On the mental side you start to question if it’s worth it to carry on your life as you have been and wonder “is it worth it?”

I am partnering with an amazing woman, Tina Cantrill, MBA and Executive Life-Coach on this program and together we will be offering the best of Naturopathic Medicine and Executive Coaching to get you back on track with your life, your career and ensure that you never go through another burnout.

This program is launching very soon! I’ll keep you posted!!

In addition to these exciting new programs I’m still caring for patients in Canmore and Ottawa, so, please reach out if you need anything at all.

Health and Happiness,

Dr. Cheryl




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